Attendance Overview

We believe tracking customer check-in history is one of the most important things for a business. So we tried to build a very fast attendance system for businesses.

  • Mannual Attendance In this you will have to login to your merchant account and mark attendance for every member who is coming to your place. This is a simple process and is preferred if you have very few members.
  • Automatic Attendance If you are having big no. of members than you definitely want some more fast system to manage the customer check-in. We have in integrated the QR code based check-in system for this. Read below for details.

How QR Check In Works?

QR Codes

Firstly you have to generate the QR codes for your members from with in the application.
It is a very simple one step process.

You will have to give these QR codes to your members.

QR Codes

Once the member will come to your fitness center he/she will have to scan that QR code for check-in using your device (Smartphone).

This will take 2-3 seconds max.

Check In

Your member will see a check-in success message on device. And that's it. There is nothing more to do.

It is a simple and reliable solution for mobile attendance tracking.


QR Check In
Demo Video

This video explains the process of automatic check in using QR code.


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