Attendance Tracking

Manual/Automatic attendance to keep an eye on your customer. Click here to know more.

Manage Enquiries

Handle customer enquiries and follow up to make a good impression.

Send Promotions

Send email promotions to your potential customers.

Roles & Permissions

Create different roles with custom permissions for staff login.

Billing & Invoicing

Receive payments & generate invoices for your customers.

Reports & Analytics

Generate reports & analytics to analyse and grow your business.

Email Notifications

Send & receive important notifications via email.

Manage Expenses

Add your business expenses to track where your money is being spent.

Create Admin Users

You can create more admin users with custom permissions to access limited data.

Take Data Backup

You can download the backup of your data anytime you need.

Upload Old Data

You can easily upload your previous excel sheet data into Fitsigma.

Task Management

Manage your daily tasks and set reminders.

Multiple Branches

You can add multiple branches and manage them from single admin.

Customer Panel

Customer can view and manage their data from customer panel.


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